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General desires and fears

Here’s a list of some of the other desires and fears that copywriters may target with their advertisements. Note that most of these can be made into a fear or a desire type of advertisement. It depends on how positive or negative the advertisement is. For instance, an anti-speeding advertisement may show scenes from a hospital after car crashes involving children, and play on people’s fears of their children being involved in a car crash. Another advertisement may focus on how accidents have reduced since stricter speed limit enforcement was introduced, and play on people’s desires for fewer (ideally no) car accidents.

  • Self-esteem, your sense of worth

  • Career success and fulfilment

  • Popularity and social status, friends

  • Happiness

  • Personal appearance - weight, skin, muscles, etc.

  • Love and romance

  • Culture - literature, history, art

  • Dreams and goals, even fantasies

  • The ‘rich’ lifestyle

  • Exotic places

  • Skills and expertise

  • Family harmony and happiness

  • Need