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Target audience

Decide who the advertisement is aimed at - the target audience. There are a few ways to describe the audience. Firstly, you can describe them in demographic terms:

  • Gender - male or female (or ‘other’).

  • Age - teenagers, middle aged, etc.

  • Class - lower, middle, higher.

  • Career - blue collar or white collar.

  • Marital status - single, married, de facto relationship.

  • Family - have children, don’t have children.

  • Physical fitness - fit, average, overweight, grossly obese.

  • Physical ability - physically able, physically disabled, such as short sighted.

  • Religion - Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.

And the list goes on. You don’t need to list all the demographics for your advertisement’s audience - just discuss the ones that are important for your particular ad. However, it is sometimes just as important to make the point that an advertisement does not restrict itself to any particular demographic. For instance, an advertisement for cheap petrol vouchers would be aimed equally at males and females.