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Why is this emphasised?

So once you’ve picked out the main things being emphasised in the advertisement, you’ve got to work out why these aspects were chosen to try and sell the product to the audience. This analysis needs to take place with the target audience in mind. For instance, since new Porsches are so expensive, the vast majority of the population are ruled out from even thinking about buying one. The demographic breakdown would be something like wealthy, middle-aged men. Of course, there would be exceptions - some women love owning a Porsche, and some younger people (with lots of money) buy them - but the majority of owners are going to be wealthy, middle-aged men.

So now you analyse the points emphasised in the advertisement with respect to this target audience. Power, acceleration and speed are probably emphasised because there is a general machismo associated with driving a fast, flashy car. Years of advertising have formed a general impression that people who drive Porsches know how to drive quite well. Style is emphasised because, let’s face it, when you’re driving a Porsche you want to be noticed.