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Setting in which the story was written

The setting of the story is not the only setting you should be thinking about. There’s also when the story was written and where it was written. The original War of the Worlds story was written by HG Wells in 1898 - the end of the 19th Century. So when you see the 2005 movie adaptation, you can think about what things might have been changed to ‘bring it up to date’, and what would have been left alone. The place that the story was written is important too. The famous author George Orwell wrote his novel, Down and Out in Paris and London, just after he’d spent a few years living in poverty in both of these cities. Knowing that he’d personally experienced the places would help you analyse the novel as you read it. On the opposite end of the scale there are books and movies about places on the opposite side of the world to the author or director. Knowing where the story was written allows you some extra insight into the content of the story.