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Whether or not to try to pull off an accent (different to the one you normally speak in) is a big decision. While talking with an accent suitable to the character can make your performance more convincing, it’s hard to do, and if you don’t pull it off, the result can be comical. Even experienced actors can sometimes struggle with accents. Watching movies, you may be able to pick a character’s accent varying throughout the movie. There’s a whole host of movies and TV shows where American actors have done horrific Australian accents, and vice versa.

If you decide to adopt an accent, a good way to pick it up is to watch a film where one of the actors has the desired accent you’re going for. Watch it over a few times, and try to imitate the accent. Your aim is to make it sound effortless and natural, so that people who didn’t know you wouldn’t know that you were putting on an accent (of course, your classmates and teacher will know, but you might amaze them).