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Although you don’t have to have much of it, action can be a great thing to have in a short play. Fighting of any description can be great entertainment value - whether it is a sword fight, a shootout, or a fist fight. Other sorts of action can also work well; for instance, a dancing scene. Perhaps there is a couple in the middle of a spirited argument, who are also dancing at the same time. You can let the argument influence the dance actions and movement, as each person tries to get the upper hand.

Perhaps there is a distraught character who has just witnessed the death of a family member. They might be in tears, hitting a wall repeatedly with their bunched fist in despair, and then gradually sliding down the wall to slump despondently onto the floor. Or maybe a scene where someone opens a letter and realises they have won lotto - jumping around, jumping up and down on the furniture, swinging off the ceiling fan, dancing with the hat stand, etc. Actions can develop the plot and the audience’s feel for the characters.