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Get right into it straightaway

You don’t have much time to ease into the plot. A great way to start a short script is right in the midst of the action. Say the play’s about an argument between friends. Don’t build up to the argument - start right in the middle of it. One or two well-voiced sentences can immediately give the audience an idea about the characters, what the argument’s about, and the setting. For example:


I can’t believe you’re hitting on my boyfriend right in front of me, Melissa! If this wasn’t prom night, I’d have decked you by now!


Oh, give it a rest Sal! He’s all over me, not the other way around! He obviously doesn’t like you - and you don’t like him anyway! Why don’t you leave him for me. Besides, I think he’s sort of cute...

Straight away we know that there are two girls arguing, they’re at the school prom, and they’re fighting over Sally’s date who is flirting with Melissa. We know that Sally probably cares more about her friend hitting on her date than the actual date himself, and that Melissa doesn’t think it’s a big deal.