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KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

There are lots of ways you can put your audience off by over complicating the script. Put too many scene changes in and the audience will get annoyed by the constant stopping and starting between scenes. Generally speaking, try to keep the timeline of the play linear, which means the play progresses forward in time in a continuous manner. This means no 20-year jumps ahead in time, and no jumping around in time either. If you really want to do this, make sure you test the script beforehand - to check that your audience will be able to keep track of the time setting.

Fewer characters are generally better in a short play. This does not mean just having one character, but it is usually easier to have three or four characters rather than a dozen. Given the shortness of the script, if you have too many characters, you won’t have any time to develop them, since the time will be spread too thinly between all the characters.