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Inverted pyramid

The inverted pyramid (usually drawn as a triangle) is a graphical way of talking about how information should be presented in a newspaper article. At the top of the figure the most important, interesting information is represented. As you move down the pyramid, the importance of the material decreases.

Inverted pyramid
Inverted pyramid

Unless it’s a very complex subject, or you’ve specifically been told to, try to keep your article fairly short and to the point. Then, once you’re happy with the main body, you need to write a last paragraph or sentence that wraps up the article. You can end with a quote if it’s appropriate - perhaps a quote from someone which sums up the whole situation. For instance, say you’d written an article on whether a city was going to be ready to host the Olympic Games. You might end with a quote from the mayor:

"I don’t know how we’re going to be ready in time, but I know we will be."

Or if you don’t use a quote, try to end with a catchy statement. Perhaps in an article about an upcoming sporting event:

"On Sunday, it will not be question of whether a world record is broken, but by how much."

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