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Preparing to write the article

There are some things you should do or think about before you sit down and start writing the article. First up, what is the reason you’re writing the article? Often the reason is assessment - you’ve been given it as an assignment, and you’re going to get a grade for it. If this is the case, what are the criteria that the teacher is looking for? Most often, they’re looking for an article which wouldn’t look out of place in whatever media channel you’re writing for - whether the media channel be a newspaper, a men’s or women’s magazine, or a special interest magazine. Special interest magazines are ones with a specific topic - surfing, golf, finance, fashion, etc. If the article is catchy and interesting, that’s an extra bonus and increases your chances of getting a good mark.

Remember too that newspapers can vary hugely. The quality of the writing and what the writing is about will change depending on the where the newspaper is published and the audience it is aimed at.