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What does the audience want?

Different audiences will want different things from your writing. The readers of a weekly newspaper may simply be looking for things that interest them. They will skim each article, look at the picture and title, and then decide whether it is worth investing more time in reading. On the other hand, readers of a business proposal might want something completely different. If they’re interested in funding your business idea, they will want several things out of the document:

  • What is your idea and why will it work?

  • How much will it cost?

  • How much will it return?

  • What are the possible risks and how have you addressed each one?

It’s important to think about what your audience needs when you’re writing. Sunday tabloid readers are looking for interesting articles that aren’t too long - perhaps the latest divorce in Hollywood or a daring daylight bank robbery. Readers of a financial newspaper, however, require concise reports on what is happening with their stocks and investments. They’re not interested in flowery language, but rather clear presentation of the facts.

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