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Audience for your oral

There are several things to think about with regards to the audience for your oral presentation:

  • Who is the audience going to be?

  • What is your current relationship with this audience? Do they respect you as a speaker? Is it likely that they’ll respect your knowledge of the topic or will you have to convince them?

  • Will the audience be interested in your topic? This applies whether it’s an informative or a persuasive presentation. If they aren’t interested, you’re going to have to interest them by making it relevant to them somehow.

  • What are the specifics of your audience? What are their demographics? Is it a diverse audience or is it very uniform; i.e., all 15-year-old girls from your class. Work out where your background overlaps with that of the audience and where it is different, and take into account these differences. For instance, if you’re doing an oral about the excesses of the rich, you might want to consider phrasing it tactfully if you’ve got a lot of kids from rich backgrounds in the audience.