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Political correctness gone too far

Everyone has their own opinion on how far being politically correct should go. Here are some terms that have come about in an effort to be politically correct:

Original description

Politically correct description


Vertically challenged


Vertically gifted


Horizontally challenged


Physically challenged

Garbage collector

Sanitation engineer


Chronologically gifted


Visually challenged


Economically challenged


Economically gifted

There are a heap more politically-correct terms that have come to life as a result of the general move to political correctness. While the motivation behind political correctness is a good one, it is up to you to decide how far you personally will take it. People have taken great enjoyment in defining PC (politically correct) terms for even the most elementary of words, and have managed to come up with some great combinations. For instance:

Dead = metabolically challenged

Which leads to:

Kill = creating a permanent state of metabolic dormancy

This is really a ridiculous case of a euphemism (making something sound better than it actually is). One of the worst euphemisms is employed by the army - ‘friendly fire’. There’s no such thing as friendly fire - if you get shot, you don’t really care whether it was the bad guys or the good guys. Either way you’ve been shot!

So make your own decision about how politically correct you’ll be, and make sure you can justify it. How far you go towards achieving politically correctness is nowhere near as important as your ability to justify whatever stance you’ve chosen. As long as you can back up what you’ve done with solid reasons, you’re fine.

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