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Writing numbers correctly

It’s important to know when to write a number using the digits themselves, such as ‘49’, and when to write the number using actual words, such as ‘forty-nine’.

The rule I was always told was to write whole numbers up to ‘nine’ as words, and to write numbers 10 or larger using digits. This seemed to work pretty well for everything I wrote. So for instance:

I have already had two hamburgers today, that’s 80 grams of fat!

The number ‘two’ is smaller than 10, so we write it as a word. But the number 80 is larger than 10, so we write it using numbers.

This is only a general guideline, not a hard and fast rule. You can always write out a number using words, it’s not ‘incorrect’ to do so even for large numbers. A good thing to aim for is consistency within your writing - so if you choose to only write numbers larger than or equal to 10 using digits, make sure you do this throughout your writing.