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More detailed outlines

For a short five-paragraph essay, the outlines we’ve covered so far are probably sufficient. However, if you need to write a longer, more complicated essay, your outline also has to increase in size. A more detailed outline might have major topics, which each take up a few paragraphs. It would also have subtopics under each of these major topic headings - each subtopic might take up a paragraph in the final essay.

A more detailed essay on T-Rex might have six major topics and many subtopics. The outline can be used to check several things.

  • Are each of the major topics balanced, or is half the essay spent discussing one topic while others are neglected?

  • Are all the subtopics located in the right place in the essay? For instance, the movement subtopic ties in very closely with the scavenger theories topic. It would be possible to shift most of the movement description into one or more other sections, depending on what you thought was most appropriate.

  • Flow between major topics and between subtopics under each major topic. For instance, when describing the environment, is it appropriate to first discuss the climate, then the landscape structure, and then the flora and fauna? In this case, I would say it is - you start with a description of the skies and climate, move down to the mountain ranges, valleys, and deserts, before finally getting down to the inhabitants of the landscape - the animals and plants.

The real Tyrannosaurus Rex


What was Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Significance in modern culture

The world 65 million years ago


Landscape structure

Flora and fauna

Tyrannosaurus - physical description


Bone and muscle structure


Life cycle of a T-Rex


Dependent years

‘Teenager’ years


Hunter or scavenger?

Hunter theories

Scavenger theories - speed limitations

Hybrid theories


Summarise what T-Rex was

Significance in today’s world