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Use the outline to check if you’re missing anything

You can use the outline to quickly check whether you’re going to miss anything in your essay. For instance, once I’d written this outline, I’d probably go over a mental checklist of what I should cover in the essay:

  • The world at that time - check!

  • What did Tyrannosaurus Rex look like - check!

  • What were its hunting habits - check!

  • Life cycle of a Tyrannosaurus Rex - whoops, missed it!

So using the outline, I’ve worked out that I’ve missed a section I want to cover - the life cycle of a T-Rex. So I need to put that in somewhere. The outline is, once again, useful here - I can use it to find the most suitable place for this extra paragraph. It probably belongs after the paragraph describing what T-Rex looked like. So I’d put it into the new outline:

The real Tyrannosaurus Rex


The world 65 million years ago

Tyrannosaurus - physical description

Life cycle of a T-Rex

Hunter or scavenger?