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Speak the paper instead of writing it

Ever noticed how some people are far more comfortable communicating with other people using sms texts rather than actually talking to them on the phone? For some, they’re being cheap. For others, they feel more comfortable writing than talking. The reverse applies to some people as well - some find talking a lot easier than writing. Sometimes you can use talking to overcome writer’s block.

What you need to do is grab either a recording device (tape recorder, a portable music player that records, your stereo if it has a mike, or your computer with a mike). Oh, and friends or parents can be a ‘recording device’ as well - they can remember what you say or, even better, take notes. Just start talking about the topic - it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit all over the place, or some of the stuff isn’t relevant. Your aim is to get into a flow where stuff comes out of your mouth, some of which is to do with the topic.

Because it’s just an informal chat, you won’t feel as much pressure as when you’re writing the actual essay. Also, the person you’re talking to can suggest ideas or help keep you talking when you start to run out of steam. If you can’t find a person, but you have a recording device, you can have other audiences that you talk ‘to’. Your pet dog or cat, a plant, a tree, a star in the sky, or even a doorknob! Tell whatever it is about the topic.

Once you’ve got the recording or notes, you can start to shape it into an essay. The hardest part is already done - getting the stuff out of your head. Now you can worry about making it sound coherent.