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Where to start

It’s just about always easier to write about things that interest you than things that don’t. So if you’re a bit stuck in your writing, see if you can move to a more interesting part of the writing. For instance, say you’re trying to write an essay on violent computer games and their influence on society.

If you’re a computer game nut, but not much of a social analyst, you’re probably more comfortable writing about the whole violent computer game scene - what they’re like, who plays them, why they’re popular or unpopular, and so forth. You may have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the entire history of violent computer games and all the current top-sellers.

However, if you’re more of a social sciences person and don’t really know how to operate a computer, you may be much more interested in the social impact of such computer games, rather than the actual games themselves. You may already know a lot about the influence of violent media (television, books, etc.) on society.

Whichever person you are, start by working with your strengths and weaknesses. So if you’re computer game person, start by describing the industry and the social crowd that plays the games. If you’re the social sciences person, start by talking about how violent media, such as computer games, can and have affected society. Then move on to the areas that you’re not so comfortable with. You’ll find it easier to tackle the harder areas if you’ve already got a chunk of the essay down on paper, and you’ll have many ideas already flying around in your brain.