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Infinitive phrase

Often, these phrases are used to tell the reader about something someone is trying to do, and what they need to do to achieve that something:

Jill is going to have to do a lot of training.


To finish the marathon, Jill is going to have to do a lot of training.

Of course, don’t go over the top with modifiers or modifying phrases. Cramming too many into one sentence and using them in every single sentence isn’t the best idea:

Running quickly through the lush green forest, the tall heavyset man, chest heaving, picked his way carefully around the tall trees by the azure blue river, as the attack helicopter searched ceaselessly for him from above.

It’s just too much of a mouthful. Remember that variety is what you want, so some sentences with modifiers in them is good, but as long as not every single one is weighed down with multiple modifiers.