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Presentation props

You can also bring along physical objects as part of your presentation. For instance, when I did a presentation on robotics recently, I took along parts of a real robot to show the audience. It’s usually a bad idea, however, to pass such objects around the audience during your presentation. People will get distracted from what you’re saying as they look at the object. There will be muffled discussion as they pass it from person to person. People who haven’t seen the object yet will be wondering where it is rather than concentrating on your talk. So keep it at the front until you’ve finished the main part of your presentation, but make sure everyone can see it, if possible.

You can also, of course, pass pictures around as well as or instead of holding them up. This is sometimes suitable if the pictures are particularly confronting or powerful. That way, each audience member can ‘personally interact’ with the picture in their own little moment, rather than everyone looking at the picture up the front at the same time.